Occasional commentary, reviews, and discussion about Asian films. We do this because we love them, and what else is there in life than talking about violence, sex, and mayhem? Well, and cupcakes.

Teki came to Asian films through his love of animation and really cracked-out stories. He blames his co-conspirator for the rest. He’ll watch any well-told stories (and the occaisional beat-em-up), but has a special fondness for intricate, well-crafted tales, and mindbending reality-twisters.

Patrick likes his adolescent power fantasies with flying swordsmen and Shaolin bronzemen. Two college courses on Asian cinema later, he’s learned to appreciate artsy fartsy films as well. But his first love will always be fists in the face.


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  1. […] Hello world! Actual content should start coming this weekend, and continue on a semi-regular basis. In the meantime, check out the ever evolving About page. […]

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