A New Robotech Movie Means the Death of 80s Nostalgia

Hot on the heels of the success of the new Transformers movie, we’re already seeing the first copycats popping up. Because nothing says “success” like imitating a special-effects-laden movie that brought in the big bucks, Warner Bros. has announced that they have the rights to make a live-action Robotech movie.

The first question is what the subject of the movie will actually be. Robotech is notoriously the American adaptation of three different Japanese anime titles, squished into one continuing storyline. My guess is that it will draw most heavily on the first title, otherwise known as Macross. The second question is whether Tobey Maguire, named as the executive producer, will actually take one of the roles, making me want to sock his smug little face once more. (Hopefully not, as those helmets are hard, and they hurt.)

Robotech Comic

The main difference I see between adapting Transformers and Robotech is that while Transformers was really little more than a kiddie cartoon made to sell toys (which didn’t stop me from loving it), leaving lots of room for interpretation on the big screen, Macross was very much the opposite. Heavily plotted, with rich characters (especially for the time), Macross was a seminal anime series, and was by far the most complicated and adult animated show on daytime TV. However, knowing Hollywood productions, the new live-action movie will most likely be a crazy romp around the solar system, with flashy fighter planes killing Zentradi left and right, eh?

Of course, maybe I’m just being overly cynical. Or maybe the rush is already starting. Voltron has already been licensed for a live-action remake, and I expect to see these shows snapped up in short order:

  • The GoBots
  • Mysterious Cities of Gold
  • My Little Pony
  • The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin

Ah, who cares. I’m going to go off and watch Macross: Do You Remember Love for awhile. And maybe slap me some Minmei.



~ by teki on September 13, 2007.

4 Responses to “A New Robotech Movie Means the Death of 80s Nostalgia”

  1. I’ve been a fan since End of the Circle, I was always in school when it came on so I only got to see a few episodes, and missed it cartoon network, the games rock and I can’t wait

  2. I hope they do and exelet job on this becouse of the story line and carractors if they don’t their will be hell to pay frome the movie goir to the fans.

  3. Esperemos que la película se apegue al argumento original, y que pueda dar nuevo impulso a la producción de nuevas ramificaciónes de la serie original, reedición de los capítulos, y que nuevos fans se sumen la la legión de fanáticos de la saga Macross

  4. Friggen Tobey Maguire will forever be seen as spider man in my eyes; type-casting and his stupid face have made it so. If he MUST act in it – lets pray to jeebus that it’s just a cameo (he can be Ben-since he dies or even one of the lame-ass Zentrati peeps) . Tobey Maguire ain’t cool enough to ever play Rick or Roy… and I guess no one is cool enough to play Maximillion (badass!) They better not ruin yet another great story. Stupid Hollywood – If they’re not busy making pointless re-makes constantly of movies that were already fine to begin with… they’re ruining pre-existing concepts and ideas in the hopes of cranking them out/ mindless movie machine. Mysterious Cities of Gold… I was thinking of that show the other day – National Treasure 2 was on TV – yeah… something tells me it’s not under mount rushmore – dumbasses! ps- the show was sweeeeet!

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